Benefits of Going Green

Trust your home with EnerGreen

Home and office cleaning

Our home is considered our safe haven, our place to rest and renew. Why not give back? Regular and thorough cleaning practices can improve the quality of the air, keep surfaces sanitary and germ/virus free, keep things smelling fresh, as well as extend the life of the home and possessions.

Cleaning your office with bio-based, naturally-derived products is beneficial to not only your client's and visitor's well being, but also you and your staff's. Eliminate harsh fumes and residues left behind by petroleum-based cleaning products, trust in EnerGreen to bring you a safe clean.

Individualized plans to save you more

Whether you need a weekly cleaning or just a one time serious scrub down, EnerGreen works one on one with you to create a Personalized Plan of Action. Enjoy the benefits of going green, as well as the freedom and flexibility to design your own payment and services plan.

Feel good about going green

Cleaning with bio-based and/or naturally derived products as opposed to petroleum-based is very beneficial to your health, home, and the environment. This not only cuts down on the production of fossil fuels, but also decreases the amount of pollutants in the air and lessons the risk of skin and allergy irritations. Studies have shown that reducing or even eliminating the use of cleaners containing artificial fragrance enhancing chemicals, Triclosan (found in "antibacterial" hand soaps), and many more, can prevent irritations as well as some serious health concerns. 

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